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Digital Sell Marketplace v1.2b – PHP Script

Digital Sell Marketplace v1.2b – PHP Script

Digital Sell Marketplace v1.2b – PHP Script is a advanced lightweight PDO PayPal digital download script that lets you sell your products quickly & easily! This marketplace is very lightweight compared to other products on the market and comes packed with tonnes of professional features such as categories and subcategories, coupon codes and support to help your business run professionally and efficiently!


  • Secure Admin Dashboard + Secure User Overview
  • User Management System (Ban User, View Purchases, Remove Purchases)
  • Ban User
  • User Wishlist
  • Custom Transaction Fee
  • News/Announcement System
  • Prepaid Credit Functionality (Add/Remove Credits)
  • AJAX powered (Upload, Update, Edit)
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Coupon Codes
  • Product Categories + SubCategories
  • Stock Control/Inventory
  • Search Transactions
  • PayPal Gateway (More coming soon!)
  • Email Notifications
  • Site Search
  • Forgot Password
  • Email Support, Product Reviews
  • Simple & Easy Installer!
  • Global Site Messages
  • Generate invoice after purchase in download section [BETA]
  • Easily Customisable
  • Free/Featured/New/Popular items
  • Check if user has downloaded item purchased
  • Basic Product Statistics (Views + Sales)
  • Newsletter System
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • Free Products
  • Custom Pages
  • PDO Powered
  • …and loads more!

*Free Products can be offered through coupons, by setting price to 0 or by checking the ‘Free’ checkbox in the item dashboard!

Upcoming Features

  • See change log
✔ = Done
//19 February 2018 v1.0
#Initial features ✔
//7 March 2018 v1.1a
#Bug Fixes ✔
#Changes to code ready for big update ✔
//15 March 2018 v1.1b
#Added Product Stock Feature ✔
#General Improvements ✔
#Minor Bug Fixes ✔
#Ratings & Reviews ✔
#Improvements to .htaccess ✔
//28 March 2018 v1.1c
#Ability to disable reviews + views ✔
#Prevent submitting multiple reviews! ✔
#New Alert Messages ✔
#Responsive + Apostrophe Bug fixes ✔
#Security Patches (bindparam) ✔
#Prevent ability to buy items twice ✔
#Added links to all areas where logo is shown ✔
#UI Improvements ✔
#Global Site Alert Message ✔
#Reviews improvements ✔
#Subcategories ✔
#Custom Pages (User Access Config) ✔
#More Customisation ✔
#Free Products ✔
#Multiple Language Support (FrontEnd Only) ✔
//4 April 2018 v1.2a
#Further Language Improvements ✔
#Minor Bug Fix ✔
#Temporary Free Products ✔
#Begin transition for SEO friendly URLs ✔
//10 April 2018 v1.2b
#Bug Fixes (Add New Page, Admin Change Password) ✔
#Add Favicon Tag ✔
#New Product SEO ✔
#Search Engine Friendly URLs ✔
#Similar Products on Item page ✔
#Allow GIF extension for icon/preview ✔
#Allow txt extension for main file ✔
#Social Media Meta Tags ✔
#Code Cleanup (removed old code) ✔
#Generate Invoice [BETA] ✔
#Edit User from Admin ✔
#SQL fix for some weird hosts (optional) ✔
#Simple User Profiles with Achievements ✔
#File Upload Progress Bar ✔
#Ability to remove credits from 'Add Credits' Page ✔
//Late April - Early May 2018 v1.3 (Coming Soon)
#Tonnes of Speed Improvements ✔
#Prevent two items with the same name ✔
#Prevent ability to view product info if deleted!
#Restriction on image size on item upload & update [BETA] ✔
#Multi-vendor (approval system, follow user, comments etc.)
#Code Cleanup ✔
#Screenshots for item upload
#Only allow product to be downloaded a certain number of times!
#Better tracking of limited free products (ip address) ✔
#100% Language support for front end and user dashboard ✔
#Image watermark tool with logo ✔
#Support Ticket ✔
#Email Alert on item Update
#Item Comments ✔
#Disable Free Items Section ✔
#Coupons to only be for certain users/products
#Reports System (Comments, Reviews, Items, Authors)
#Speed Improvements to Invoice Generator (ajax/json) ✔
#Date when review was added! ✔
#Simple Blog ✔
#Add-on Forum ($22)
//July 2018 v1.4 (this update will require a clean install)
#Complete Rewrite (our new mini custom MVC framework - everything is being rewritten)
#Security Enhancements (new password encryption method)
#Localhost major fix
#Logger class to log any errors whatsoever!
#SQL Improvements - Admin and users in one table
#Speed boosts
#Automatic Pagination
#Create/Edit/Delete Languages from Admin
#Folder structure tidy
#STMP Support
#Autoloader (only load classes you need)
//2019 v1.5
#Country Block (Prevent certain countries from accessing your site)
#Email Templates
#Redeem Credits
#Custom Fields for Add/Edit Item
#Give admin more control
#Digital Product Type (immediate or manual approval)
#Built in Calendar
#License System
#Affiliate (if refer user get 10% etc.)
#More Payment Gateways
#All known bugs fixed
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